Photo Booth

Our Photo Booths are considered "OPEN Photo Booths " - Which means:

"Open" Photobooth is as the name implies: In this setup, the photobooth is completely open, with no surrounding curtains, or any type of walls. An "open" photobooth ofter becomes a center of events as guests gather to watch the fun while everyone is taking pictures in the "open".

1) It is not a booth or a room.

2) Large groups of people can take a picture at once.......... also small groups.

3) We can manage huge events with 100's of people, such as Carnivals, Fundraisers, Community Events. To quickly take pictures of everyone.

4) The audience can see the people taking pictures and partake in the amusement.

5) Our Photos Booths are custom made by us in California.

Front View of the Photo Booth.

There is a touch screen monitor, lights , and a camera.

Side view of the Photo Booth. It small and compact. Notice the printer is located on the back for easy access of the prints.
The monitor is controlled by the touch of a finger. The customer has full control of the photo taking and printing process. It is quick and easy. If the customer needs help, our assistant will be there to help out.
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These pictures will give you an idea on how the "Open" photobooth works with extremely large audience. We took over 300 photos within 5 hours. That is 1 photo per 60 seconds.