How the Photo Booth Works:
By touching the monitor, the customer can choose to either make a Photo; or, a video.

After the photos are taken, the customer has 6 choices to choose from.1) Original color 2) Black and White 3) Vintage 4) Brown 5) Old fashion 6) Sketch

Once the customer chooses their print style, by the touch of the screen, the customer can choose to either: 1) Send the photo via facebook 3) Twitter ; or, 3) Print the photo.

When complete - The customer will touch the DONE button.
THANKS will pop up.
Now the Photo Booth is now ready for its next customer.

The Dye Sublimation Printer will print out your photo.

Notice: That the prints you receive are double prints.

This is how one of the layout looks. Quick and Simple - We can cut the prints in half, and add it to your scrapebook.
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